LS Posh Recording Studio is located in Port De Paix Haiti. If you happened to be in the area of the beautiful Island of Port Of Peace, look us up. Wherter you're an artist or wants to become one, check us out. LS Posh Recording Studio has worked with some of the brightest up-and-coming and established artists since its founding by Leyah St Fleur (founder of Queen Glam Music) in 1999 in Brooklyn New York. LS Posh Recording Studio opened in 2008 to provide musicians in Port De Paix, Haiti with a comfortable and affordable space to make recordings with superb acoustics and unique, choice gear. Inside you’ll find some of the very best of both analog and digital recording technology, a beautiful keyboard, one-of-a-kind microphones and dedicated, hard-working musicians, producers, and engineers.


We are always evolving to make your work more intuitive, inspired, and comfortable. We will provide you with the best environment and support while you experience all the magic, thrill, and hard work of making a record. Contact Us Here!