The Sleep Diary

I love Sunday mornings. Sleeping in late, grabbing a tea to sip in bed while you plan your day. It’s the best, right? Hm, not in my case!

Honestly, I am a night owl, I will not fall asleep until the sun comes up. It's been 8 years since I've been going to bed every 4 and 5:00 AM. My body says it's time to go to bed and my mind says NO. Being active during the day is good, but being too active at night keep me from getting my sleep. When I say Too active at night mean I work from home! So, with the help of WebMD I create a Sleep Diary to help me fall asleep right on time!

Creating a sleep diary will let you learn about your sleep patterns and habits.

Make a chart with spaces for:

  • How long you think it took you to fall asleep when you first went to bed

  • How long and well you slept

  • How many times you woke up during the night and how long it took you to fall back asleep

  • How much caffeine or alcohol you consumed and when

  • What and when you ate and drank

  • What emotion or stress you had

  • What drugs or medications you took

Here is an example of a Sleep Diary. Print it out and use it or create your own sleep diary.

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